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"At Profit Zoom, we want to "see you in the profit lane." Our mission is to help our merchants bring in more customers and increase their revenue 40% or higher. We sell profitability!"

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In today's economy both merchants and consumers are feeling the impact from the economic slump.
Many American's cash flow is very limited; around 80% of consumers do not have good enough credit to be able to qualify for credit cards or any promotional programs that are credit based at all! Another dilemma is, if they are the lucky few to have credit cards, those with even good credit, have recently experienced their once "good rates" are now grossly inflated (which makes buying your goods or services) nearly impossible. Most consumers have an interest rate on a credit card of 20%-30%. Hence, why you are seeing the number of customers walking in your doors declining rapidly.

I give special thanks for helping my family this last year span with my VA welfare and my individual problems. You have been truly there for me. You are truly over there for our family. say thanks so very much. With the regards of my family, and my many acquaintances we will be over there for you.

You are also hearing that they just "can't afford it" or they "will come back later" and never do. You need to find an innovative way to help your customers be able to afford your products. You also need to start attracting more customers to your business and have an edge on your competition to stay alive. You don't have to be depressed like this economy.

There are many businesses profiting and the reason is because they choose programs like we offer at Profit Zoom. Don't let your competitors beat you to this idea! While they're benefiting and watching their profits zoom up, you'll still be stressing on how to keep your business from going under.

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