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90 Day, No Credit Checks
Stop Losing Money

Loosing Money?

Every month you are not enrolled in the Profit Zoom's 90 day, No Credit Check, In House Financing Program (ARCNET), you are losing money! Every week you are losing customers and clients who want to buy your product; but do not have the cash on hand, or can't qualify for the credit needed to make a purchase.

DoorThe Locked Door
No $ and No Credit
Turned Down Credit

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How many people have I locked out?
  2. What if you could open that door and add just 2 or 3 customers a week? How about 7 or 8 customers?
  3. What kind of referral business would you build?
  4. How much revenue have you missed in the last year because that door was locked?
  5. How much more effective is your advertising if you can say "Financing Available, NO CREDIT CHECK!"
  6. How much would it hurt your business if you main competitors unlocked this door?
  7. If you don't unlock this door, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

Instead of listening to all the objections that we are sure you have heard lately such as:

  • "I can't qualify for your program because my credit is bad"
  • "I don't have enough cash on hand to pay that large of dollar amount"
  • "I need to talk this over with my spouse"
  • "My credit card is maxed out"
  • "My rate is so high on my credit card that I can't afford to charge this"
  • "I Will Come Back Later"

Make a change now! Don't let your customer walk out the front door! Don't lose to your competitors, all because they had our program and you don't!

Let's take a look at how much revenue you are losing. Let's assume your average transaction or sale is $800.00. Let's be on the conservative side and say our program brings you 3 extra sales per week:

  • $800.00 x 3 = $2,400.00 in weekly sales revenue you are losing.
  • $2,400.00 x 4.3 = $10,320.00 in monthly sales revenue you are losing
  • $10,320.00 x 12 = $123,840.00 in yearly sales revenue you are losing

How much longer can you afford NOT to have our program? For a program that is realistically paid for by your customers; would it not be worth is to make an extra $123,840.00 plus per year?